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Past that, you need one of the local Royals to get you through the barriers into the rest of Belize. So Zone 1 is the rail station itself and those arriving and departing. Zone 2 is the outer rail terminal area. Zone 3 is Matthewsburg. Zone 4 is the Port Zone. Zone 5 is the rest of Belize. As mentioned, there is arch for Zone 1 to 2, and 2 to 3. Family can walk through armed, though no meresha. Small amounts of kregora and blue crystal are allowed. No C4 or equivalent, no thermite, and no pink gunpowder. Coming back there is an arch for Zone 3 to 2, and more traditional TSA type for Zone 2 to 1 arch and have to put luggage and bags through a conveyer scanner.

No transporting or pulling someone through in Zone 1 though. Lightsabers work. Take Note: security, law enforcement, EMT, fire department, are around and will respond. They tend to be low-key until needed. Response time in Zone 1 or 2 may be almost instant to a few minutes. There are patrols but they are pretty low key.

Artificial and in a building, but very popular. Also has an attached ice skating rink. Has a lot of tourist traffic. Full service type truck stop. Has five restaurants and very good food, places to park travel trailers with hookups, and has basic lodging. Can house about Sleep line can deal with more than a thousand rigs and trailers. Trucks and truck freight are vetted before reaching this area or leaving this area. Not everything goes by air-car. Actually a nice set of towers in midtown, rental of apartment units in three housing blocks.

Modernistic and green. Can house about 3, Nice center area with facilities. They rent by the day or the week. They do not rent for more than six weeks at a time or eighteen weeks per year. Some of the facilities are open to the public during the day and early evening for an enterance fee, those staying at the inn get free access and more hours to enjoy.

Outdoor pool, skatepark; indoor hot tubs, small ice skating rink, small roller rink; bowling alley, six lanes. Matthewsburg is a created-built city from scratch somewhere between Iowa City, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois. Almost every room has a bathroom. Also have small microwaves, fridges, and coffee makers. They believe in real world lighting, no dim glowering murk.

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They have seriously decent wifi so if one wants to set up and stream their own, they are welcome to do so. They have free and fee wifi, if you desire a more secure connection, a modest charge per 24 hours gets you a password to a more secure private connection. Usually after dark or just at dawn they tend to be out.

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They do not charge for the passport as long as you stay one night. They do not have as many other locations for you to visit, but there are plenty of on-site things to do to get stamps for. Every where you can purchase something they offer a stamp. Yes you can stay for 7 nights plus fill a passport and get two in one visit.

Year of the Rahku Rabbit: Training the Mage

No more than two plushies earned per visit however. You can save your passport as it does not ever expire, and cash it later. It also has some sub awards involving food and drinks, as you work your way to the orange hare prize. Yes they brew and vint on premises, and are a working winery, brewery and distillery. They give free tours and it is strongly suggested you make a reservation so there is room. Free tasting on some of the tours they pour not you, though they will sell you more later if you wish. It is their signature brew and on tap all over the resort. Ask for a Lucky and they will gladly fix you up.

It is only sold by the pint and if it is drawn from the tap it is served in a proper pint glass. Else it is packaged in amber glass bottles.

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The gift shop in the main building is a licensed offsale and offers cardboard sleeves of four bottles for sale to take with you. Though they make several shades of rose, and a few good reds as well. Their lighter wines are their best. The gift shop also sells the wines by the bottle if one needs some to go.

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All their grapes are grown on site, in several fields surrounding the main complex. During the week they give free tours of the winery, the brewery, and the distillery. If you are they allow a few sips if your parent or guardian is on the tour. With meal does have a charge, the without has a suggested upgrade that does cost you get more wine to taste per sample and more to sample-most say it is worth the upgrade.

The Premiere Restaurant is the Ginger Hare , with a bit bigger menu than the Black Rabbit, and it has rotating items monthly.

No having to walk through it to get to the rest of the building. In the morning just inside the door is a small nook with a barista and serving coffee, tea, and a few pastries, donuts, and muffins, for those that just need a little something to start their day. They will package To-Go quickly for those needing to head out for a meeting or the airport.

There is a small courtyard with tables amongst lush plantings, that at certain times of the day is open for coffee, soup, sandwiches. They can send gluten free food to the other main eateries and a few of the pocket pubs.


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They also provide gluten free for room service orders. If it starts to rain there are large awnings on rollers that can deployed to assist in not getting too wet. Staff are quick to deploy those if needed. Most times otherwise those areas are not open no matter how busy they get below.