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By the end of the book Carl and the staff make some difficult choices and some difficult decisions that help steer the practice back in the right direction. What we learn in reading the Valuocity series is that there is a Carl that lives within each one of us.

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This is the story of how Carl overcomes barriers to successfully generate a practice grounded on core values, a clear purpose and a powerful mission. Mark E.

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Houd er rekening mee dat het artikel niet altijd weer terug op voorraad komt. Anderen bekeken ook. Daniel Kahneman Thinking, Fast and Slow 12,32 nu extra scherp geprijsd. Print Length 98 des pages.


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ClydeBank Business. Isn't it just a verbiage created to explain a product? Sure, copy can be used simply as a filler, something to take up the space, a general unenthusiastic explanation of who you are or what you have to offer. Used correctly, however, effective copy can make all the difference in a product or business and can turn a browser into a buyer with just a few words. What makes copy, copy and why is it so important? Simply put, copy is text that serves a purpose other than informative. Scriabin - Works for Piano. Carnegie Hall Recital, [live]. Show all 21 Appearances.

Compilation Showing 10 of 16 show all. Bachs Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Brassin wrote two piano concertos and two German operettas, as well as many smaller, now largely forgotten piano pieces. Schonberg, The Great Pianists, pp. Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 5th ed,, Vol. His unusual musical talent was noticed and nurtured at high school by his teacher, Heinrich Kufferath, Bungerts father, a wealthy merchant and an eminent member of the community, was unenthusiastic about his sons ambitions and considered his sons musical ability to be an ill-fated inclination.

He would have preferred his son to undertake a career as a merchant or a doctor, only his mother supported him, but she died when August Bungert was ten. In the aftermath of her death, the conflict between father and son became more intense, upon finishing high school at 16, Bungert fled to Cologne. He attended the Conservatorium there and was taught by Ferdinand Kufferath, in Cologne, he was discovered by the composer Max Bruchs sister, who had been charged by the Paris Conservatorium with finding a talented musician to be educated in Paris.

Due in part to this disappointment, and in part to a love affair. In he took a position as a chorus-master, and in as the director of an orchestra in Bad Kreuznach. Although he composed more in Kreuznach - the production of his piece Hutten und Sickingen during the unveiling of a monument was a big success - he was not satisfied.

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In he moved to Berlin, where he continued his studies under Friedrich Kiel, according to Bungert, he composed the piece as he lay in bed feverish with appendicitis. The piano quartet was performed successfully in Constantinople in Bungert travelled to Italy with the money, ostensibly for health reasons. Here he met Giuseppe Verdi, and his neighbour was the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, in Pegli he wrote the opera Aurora, which premiered in Leipzig in In Italy, Bungert made the acquaintance of the Queen of Romania, Elisabeth of Wied, known artistically as Carmen Sylva, through Sylva he finally gained the yearned-for access to the highest nobility.

Bungert was a regular guest in the royal Wied castles and in the Swedish, in , Sylva gave him an expensive Bechstein grand piano, and in she transferred the ownership of a house to him.

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The house was situated on the Rhine in Leutesdorf, had a garden and was renovated by the Cologne architect Carl Schauppmeyer in the Ionic style. The villa is still considered an adornment in the plane-tree-lined Rheinallee, Bungert furnished the house with expensive furniture, works of art and memorabilia. Sylva founded an organization called the Bungert-Bund to promote his music, apart from a comic opera called Die Studenten von Salmanca, he concentrated on two epic tetralogies based on the Iliad and the Odyssey entitled Homerische Welt.

The first part, The Iliad, was divided into Achilles, during this time, Bungert was considered to be the antithesis of Wagner - Wagners works drew themes from Norse mythology, while Bungerts libretti were influenced by the Greek classics. Ferruccio Busoni — Ferruccio Busoni was an Italian composer, pianist, conductor, editor, writer, and teacher.

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Busoni was born in Empoli, just south of Florence, he was the son of professional musicians, initially trained by his father, he later studied at the Vienna Conservatory and then with Wilhelm Mayer and Carl Reinecke. In the ensuing years, after brief periods teaching in Helsinki and Moscow, he devoted himself to composing, teaching, and touring as a virtuoso pianist in Europe and his writings on music were influential, they covered not only aesthetics but considerations of microtones and other innovative topics. He was based in Berlin from but spent much of World War I in Switzerland, Busoni was an outstanding pianist from an early age.

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His visits to America led to interest in North American indigenous tribal melodies which were reflected in some of his works. His compositions include works for piano, including a monumental Piano Concerto and his other compositions include chamber music, vocal and orchestral works, and also operas, one of which, Doktor Faust, was left unfinished at the time of his death. Busoni died in Berlin at the age of 58, Busoni was born in the Tuscan town of Empoli, the only child of two professional musicians, Ferdinando, a clarinettist, and Anna, a pianist.

The family shortly moved to Trieste. A child prodigy, largely taught by his father, he began performing and composing at the age of seven, commercially promoted by his parents in a series of further concerts, he was later to say I never had a childhood. His first performances in Vienna were glowingly received by the critic Eduard Hanslick, in he heard the playing of Franz Liszt, and was introduced to the composer who admired his performance.

In the following year he composed a four-movement concerto for piano, leaving Vienna he had a brief period of study in Graz with Wilhelm Mayer, and conducted a performance of his own composition Stabat Mater, Op. Other early pieces were published at time, including settings of Ave Maria.

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