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It can be explained by social and historical forces, but can never be reduced to them. Such is the difference between history and fiction. It is not that one is made up and the other is not, because fiction is just as often rooted in real life.

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The real difference is that the former focuses on the public story while the latter tells a private one. Persuasion, and the use of storytelling to achieve that goal, involves the transformation of this private story into a public one. The scale of the transformation depends on how many people one is communicating with, whether it is a private communication between two people, or a statesman addressing a crowd of millions.

The power of storytelling to achieve persuasion, links the orators of classical Greece to corporate leaders of the 21st century. Disney CEO, Robert Iger, says that in job interviews, he tries to get job candidates to craft their career stories as a way of showing who they are. The celebration of the subjective is the unique gift of the humanities.

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If the natural sciences seek an objective understanding of reality, the humanities foreground the subjective. This is why storytelling is rooted in literature, and in drama and cinema, and also in the performing, visual, and plastic arts. There are countless reasons why the arts are fundamental to education. But this one is perhaps, the most important — it teaches one to craft narratives of the self. Support quality journalism - Subscribe to The Hindu Digital.

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CBS' Tell Me a Story is looking for extras in Nashville and surrounding areas

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A TV show, anime, comics or movie convention, is also the opportunity to participate to many activities during the event : quizz, lottery, karaoke They also allow fans to chat with one another about a same center of interest and to return home with a lot of unforgettable memories.

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