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Sebastian Wagoner is another honor roll student who has also been excelling at his particular sport. Wagoner will be attending Lake Forest College next fall. But more than anything, Coach Wagoner likes the energy Luna brings to the locker room and the pool.

Seeing Beyond: Choosing to Look Past the Horizon by Gail Mcwilliams

Audrey Steen. Steen has broken and set five different record categories in high school city section swimming and other records in club competitions. When Perhat resigned from coaching high school, she refocused her attention on club swimming. As a result, high school competition took a backseat to club competition under the guidance of Julio Zarate.

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Steen exudes a great deal of humility and quiet confidence, giving her an air of maturity beyond her years. She knows she had the juice to pull off victories in the CIF competition. Then she shift attention away from herself to team like Sebastian Wagoner who started winning events last year and this year. She noted they have similar experiences given that they both started in club swimming at the same time.

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He swam really amazing this season. She set the breast stroke and she set the butterfly record and broke it as junior. Coach Jean Wagoner, who has worked with Audrey for the past three years noted that Steen will be graduating near the top of her class. Steen noted that most of her classes were advanced placement courses. This past year I did a lot better with time management. Steen noted that the Olympians and those on the national teams are breaking world records and meddling are doing it at the collegiate level. Steen notes that to even make the cut at the Division I level is difficult and see it as an honor.

She would like to be a conference champion. If you ask, Steen will tell you that Olympic team is outreach. She says she and her swim club coach have been strategizing to come home to train over the summer after her first year in college to see if could even make the cut for the Olympic trials. They are in charge of activities that promote school unity and pride.

They also work with staff and work to over the division having two campuses creates.

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The ASB board meets with staff on testing and bell schedules. They also work on resolving disputes utilizing a restorative justice model. These students are standing out for a different reason. They excel in the classroom and their respective fields. Corey Fausto, particularly during his junior and senior playing on the San Pedro High varsity football team has been making waves on both sides of the ball while maintaining a 3. Turner, who has been playing club soccer for 11 years and played with the highly-touted club team, Fram Lawson for the past four years, and his recruitment by Division I schools such as Rutgers University.

Tony Lawson, the Fram Lawson soccer club coach, described Seth as an introvert off the field. Not that Seth was the sort to stick to himself. But on the soccer field, Lawson described Seth as a real competitor, particularly if Turner felt he was on the wrong end of a bad referee call or his team is down his desire to win gets raised a few notches.

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  5. When Turner first started playing with Fram Lawson, the team was already solid and had been playing together for a few years. Primarily a wide player, Turner will be effective in a fullback or wide midfield role at the Division I level. That conversation was about ensuring that Turner got to play Division 1 soccer. Patapoff comes from a rigorous arts background under the guidance of the San Pedro Ballet Company and had been dancing since she was a toddler.

    San Pedro Ballet founder and teacher Cindy Bradley noted that she and other instructors there get to see these kids in every phase of their life until they graduate from high school. The typical schedule is 4 p. Patapoff was no different, said Bradley, except she never seemed to give in to angst or frustration.

    She probably thought I would worry, that I would talk her out of it or something. She had the starring role of Clara in the Nutcracker. Bradley hopes Patapoff continues to dance because she is so good. Of all the programs, sports or others at San Pedro High School, the Golden Pirate Regiment marching band headed by Darnella Davidson has probably seen the most dramatic turnaround ever.

    Davidson was honored in Nashville this past month with a Music Teachers of Excellence Awards after her winning back-to-back championship titles in and , and receiving top honors among 92 marching bands in the Southern California Winter Guard Association tournament. Davidson beams with pride when talking about the graduating seniors she selected for this profile.

    Duran is going to El Camino College, which has one of the best music programs in Southern California.

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    Duran said she aims to continue dancing in the future and perhaps even teach dance. For a few brief days, from Jan.

    During that time, the science team will disperse, returning to their homes for a few days of downtime. As soon as spacecraft clears the sun, the researchers will return to consuming each day's new data, working remotely in several small teams and meeting back together again at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory JHUAPL in Maryland on Jan.

    They won't be hanging around Maryland the whole time, however. At about 1, bits per second, it will take roughly 20 months to send home all of the newly-collected data about Ultima Thule. Eventually, they'll head home again, meeting remotely and occasionally in person to discuss their discoveries. The arrival of the images and information is highly prioritized, according to principle investigator Alan Stern, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute SwRI in Colorado. Information about the highest priority objectives, such as the geology and composition, as well as the potential for rings or moons, will be beamed home first.

    Secondary goals pertaining to dust escape, craters, and physical surface properties will take second string. Only once that information has been sent back will the lowest-priority and bonus objectives related to more detailed properties of any rings and moons, information about the mass and density, and extra compositional studies return to Earth. According to Bowman, although Ultima Thule is much smaller, New Horizons is collecting roughly the same amount of data as it retrieved at Pluto.

    But Ultima Thule is more than a billion miles farther from Earth than Pluto, so it takes even longer for the information to travel home. After buzzing Pluto in , New Horizons began an extended mission, the highlight being the Ultima Thule flyby. But that's not the only goal of the spacecraft's next phase.

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    It will continue to study the Kuiper Belt , the band of ice and rocks that makes up the third zone of the solar system, until at least April when its current mission funding ends. The team is already looking towards a hyperextended mission.

    The Kuiper Belt stretches from about 30 to about 55 astronomical units AU , and Ultima Thule is smack in the middle of it. The hunt might prove to be more difficult than originally anticipated. While New Horizons was on its way to Pluto, the researchers spent years combing the sky with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope before finally finding three potential targets, finally selecting Ultima Thule because it was the closest.


    Beyond the Horizon

    The lonely object lies in the most heavily populated region of the Kuiper Belt. The next target will orbit even farther out, making it potentially even fainter and harder to see from Earth. The best telescope for discovering the next target might be New Horizons itself. LORRI could take hundreds or even thousands of photographs of the stars around the spacecraft.

    Rather than send those images back to Earth, it might be possible to program the computer to search for the best targets and only send home those images. Weaver said that such plans are still on the drawing board. But the team won't immediately begin stressing about their next mission. According to Stern, they won't submit a proposal for the next extended mission until the summer of In the meantime, they will hunt for New Horizons next target.