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Quinine extracted from the cinchona bark was traditionally used in Peru to cure malarial fevers. In South India the jelly of the Aloe vera plant, known locally as Korphad Kumari, is applied to burns and wounds and is taken orally for gynaecological problems 2,3. In the province of Karnataka, a decoction of the bark of the Alstonia scholaris, locally called Sapta Parni, is used in virtually every household at the onset of the monsoon to prevent malarial fevers.

Boerhavia diffusa, locally called Punarnava , is commonly used in the treatment of oedema and anaemia, particularly during pregnancy, and is often eaten as a vegetable. According to an all India Ethnobotanical Survey conducted by the Ministry of Environment , there are species of medicinal plants in India which can be used by traditional practitioners in tribal areas and other village communities. In the local tradition, the internal fleshy mucilaginous jelly of the aloe plant known locally as korphad kumari etc. In Karnataka, a decoction of the bark of the Astonia scholaris a flowering branch is used in virtually every household at the onset of the monsoon to prevent malarial fevers.

The neck of the turtle is sometimes used for the treatment of a pro-lapsed rectum or uterus. Adatoda Vassica or Adusi Vasa , as it is locally known, is a common treatment for coughs and to stop bleeding in the case of piles or dysentery. The bioflavonoid exhibited a wide range of significant biological activities including hypotensive, anti-tubercular, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and anti-cancer activities.

From I. The column was eluted successively with benzene-chloroform and benzene-chloroform The fractions obtained on elution with benzene-chloroform solidified on titration with ether and were recrystallised repeatedly from benzene. This furnished nevadensin 0. The column was eluted with benzene. From L.

Biological activity of Nevadensin : Nevadensin is a therapeutically potential natural flavonoid, and is reported to exhibit a variety of biological activities. The significant phamocological potentials of the bio-flavonoid are presented herein. Hypotensive Activity : Song et al. The BP gradually returned to its original level in next hours.


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In this study, the mechanism of hypotensive action exerted by nevadensin appeared to be both central and peripheral in nature. Anti-Inlammatory Activity : Reddy et al. Baxter et al. The flavonoid was also reported to show mild cytotoxic activity. Different concentration of he drug containing nevadensin were used to test the cytotoxic activity. The compound was found to be more effective than Wogonin 5,7-dihydroxymethoxyflavone that showed only Anti-Microbial Activity : Nevadensin has also been found to have potent antimicrobial activity against the test organisms - Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus.

Bacteriostatic as well as bactericidal effects of the test compound have been observed on S. The compound inhibits also the growth of a plant pathogenic fungus, Alternaria solani , but is unable to inhibit the growth of yeast, Candida albicans. MIC of the compound for E.

Natural Products as Sources of New Drugs from to | Journal of Natural Products

Nevadensin has been evaluated to exhibit a variety of biological activities, and it demands for more detailed investigations on its pharmacological potentials In depth and systematic studies along with exact mode of action and safety evaluation are also necessary. Studies on their semi-synthetic analogues are also to be considered. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry has a strong history of applying environmentally responsible chemistry which also turns out to be economically advantageous to drug synthesis and manufacturing. The same principles could be logically extended and applied to drug design, delivery, package design, dispensing, and disposal so that their benefits could accrue to the end user and not just the manufacturer.

Some of these ideas for minimizing the release of PPCPs to the environment have already been put forth Daughton and Ternes but are reiterated and expanded on here because all these ideas have never been brought together in one document. Unfortunately, despite the many avenues of advancement that could be and some efforts are already being-made toward a green health care system, the transfer of new knowledge and technology to clinical practice is notoriously slow; as one example, new knowledge gained from clinical trials takes an average of 17 years to become incorporated into routine practice.

Design of more labile drugs e. Current drugs that do undergo initial structural alterations e. Drugs could be designed with better physiologic sorption characteristics to lessen direct excretion of the parent compound. Using smaller doses by enhancing the delivery exclusively to the target site or receptor is an objective being pursued on many fronts, including better drug design to accommodate existing membrane transporters e.

Because many active ingredients in natural medicines are highly bioactive, the same concerns regarding environmental fate and ecologic effects apply Daughton and Ternes and should therefore be subject to similar scrutiny.

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But the WHO strategy does not address any issues concerning disposal or pollution prevention. In many countries, environmental risk assessments of varying degrees are required at least for new drug entities meeting certain criteria. Given that the biologic activity of many of these chemicalscan rival that of drugs e. Indeed, the fact that nutritional supplements can elicit profound biologic effects is becoming codified in medical references e.

Drug Delivery: Eco-friendly strategies to implement in the area of drug delivery include those relevant to prescribing, dispensing, patient compliance and medication delivery mechanisms. Some advanced ideas regarding delivery mechanisms can be gained from Mort Prescribing: Both physicians and the public could be made more aware and better informed as to the medical and environmental consequences of overprescribing medications.

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