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Belize is also a popular point of departure for trips to the ancient Mayan civilization of Tikal in Guatemala. Altun Ha refers to the ruins of an ancient Mayan city located about 30 miles 50 km north of Belize City. Caracol is the largest Mayan site and ruins in Belize. Located about 25 miles south of San Ignacio in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, Caracol occupies an area of some 88 square kilometers and once supported a population of about , people in the sixth century AD.

The ruins of the major Mayan civilization and archaeological site encompass numerous temples, pyramids, royal tombs, dwellings and structures, along with a sizeable collection of Mayan art. Occupied as early as the 16 th century BC, the Mayans continued to inhabit Lamanai all the way to the 17 th century AD. Lamanai subsequently became part of British Honduras before the latter was granted independence by the British and officially renamed Belize in Tikal was a major Mayan civilization and arbiter of Mayan culture located in the dense rainforest of Guatemala. Mayans inhabited Tikal from around BC to the end of the tenth century AD, with the kingdom reaching its peak of power and influence between and AD.

Tikal National Park covers square miles of Mayan ruins and dense Guatemalan rainforest. Considering the massive scale of the site, about 10 square miles of this expanse had been excavated as of The Mayan temples range in height from to feet 42 to 65 meters. Guatemala designated the ruins of the Mayan civilization of Tikal a National Monument in and a National Park in In between, George Lucas apparently saw fit to use Tikal as a rebel base in the original Star Wars movie in Chichen Itza emerged as a powerful regional capital toward the end of the Late Classic Period — AD of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, roughly corresponding to the decline of the traditional Mayan kingdoms of the southern lowlands.

As a sign and source of its considerable economic power, Chichen Itza was able to use maritime trade and transport through its port of Isla Cerritos to obtain gold and other natural resources from as far away as southern Central America. And you need supercomputers to get that far with nature. What prediction?

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Individuals on the right who are pro-religion tend to be anti-science for funding whereas those on the right who are pro-military tend to favor science since they realize this is only way for our military to stay ahead of rivals such as Russia and China. So members of Congress can be pro or anti science on both sides of the aisle. It is unusual and unfortunate that a President on the left took an axe to the funding of a science program.

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The Mayan people once had an ancient civilization comparable to that of the Greeks in the Old World. While the empire crumbled and no longer exists, its children still inhabit Central America and have a heritage of great wealth.

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In Guatemala, this heritage has been repressed and beaten down and is hopefully now getting a chance to stand on its own. The World Heritage Center has established cultural and natural sites in the world. The nominating procedure can begin only if the country has joined the World Heritage Convention and formed States parties. Then the World Heritage Center will verify that the nomination is complete.

The first, Antigua, is the capital of the Captaincy-General of Guatemala. It was built in the sixteenth century on earthquake prone land high above sea level. An earthquake in destroyed it, however many of its monumental structures remain today.

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The second protects the Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua which contains many Mayan carved stele and sculpted calanders from the second century. For this paper, it will be used as a case study of sorts to forther understand the intentions of the World Heratige group. Tikal National Park is in north-eastern Guatemala and is accessable by bus from the nearest town of Santa Elena.

Surrounded mostly by jungle and lush vegetation, it is an area that has not been inhabited since the tenth century AD. For upto fourteen hundred years prior to this it was a ceremonial center containing multiple temples, palaces, and public squares. Some dwellings have been uncovered around the surrounding countryside, but the main source of cultural interest is its ceremonial structures. While it was declared a national park in , it was not officially adopted onto the World Heratige list until There is an important difference made between sites of natural merit and sites of cultural merit.

Tikal National Park is listed as a site of both. The types of things that will qualify as a cultural heritage site include monuments, groups of buildings, or sites. Monuments cover architectural structures, sculpture, painting, archaeological objects, and things of general outstanding value from an historical, art historical or scientific perspective. Groups of buildings that are homogenous in nature such as dwellings meet the criteria, as do man made sites of aesthetic or ethnologic interest.

If the site falls under one of these three categories it must then be determined that it represents a masterpiece of human creative genius, exhibits an important interchange of human values, or bears a unique testimony to a civilization which is living or has disappeared. Tikal National Park meets these criteria because it is a ruined city of the Maya Indians that reflects an important cultural development. Its land chronicles their evolution from a community of hunters and gatherers to a sophisticated farming people.

Samples of cotton, tobacco, beans, pumpkins, peppers and a variety of fruits have been recovered on the land. The park also evidences the intense devotion to religion, the arts and science they pursued until their demise in the ninth century. There are an astounding 3, buildings, such as temples, homes, and religious monuments that date back to as early as the seventh century BC.

The Coolest Stuff on the Planet- The Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza

Of further cultural interest is the hieroglyphic writing found on many monuments and tombs. In addition to all of this Tikal National Park qualifies as a site of natural heritage. If a site does not meet these criteria it can qualify if it is deemed a place of exceptional natural beauty or if it contains important natural habitats for biological conservation.

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Tikal National Park meets all of these due to the sheer amount of land in the park. One can also find over 22, acres of rain forest that boast West Indian mahogony, cedar, and palm trees and over 2, plant species. Present day Mayans exploit the strong woods from the forest for their furniture and use many of the flowers and leaves for medicinal purposes.

An impressive fifty four species of mammals live within the boundaries of the park as well as many reptiles and amphibians. Tikal National Park is contained by the Maya Biosphere Reserve which is a natural conservation project to protect and study land in the Mayan parts of Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. This program is directed at coastal and island countries to help them help their lush environments. Therefore its interests correspond well with the cultural and natural interests of the World Heritage sites.

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There are a number of local and national groups who take interest in the park which has encouraged the development of smaller groups to mediate between these interests. One such group is the Comite Coordinador de la Reserva Maya which coordinates between the administration of the reserve and other authorities. Although there is no specific requirement for the representation of native Mayan people on this comittee, it claims to have frequent and good relations with the local Mayan communities. Besides promoting conservation standards for the natural environment, the reserve strives to promote local participation in land use and management, regional planning and rural development.

The extent to which this integration is achieved is still uncertain, however one cannot dispute the activities and programs that the reserve organize to help the area and the Mayan locals.