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On page , Johnny notices that Rab never changes, while Johnny's opinions and behavior often change depending on his mood and his whims. Although Rab's integrity or stubbornness leads him to dangerous behavior, like participating in the Boston Observers and the battle of Lexington, Johnny admires the older boy's willingness to stick to his beliefs. By the end of the novel, Johnny's experiences during wartime have led him to come to a few of his own opinions——that violence is horrible but sometimes necessary, and that people must be willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good——that he will stand by no matter what.

Part of the reason Johnny has so much trouble finding a job after his injury is that he is impulsive and loses his temper easily.

Rab eventually influences him to count to ten before reacting when something bothers him. This strategy works well, and Johnny starts reaping the benefits immediately, getting a slice of apple pie and a job offer from a girl he almost yelled at. Johnny Tremain brings up the question of when it is appropriate to sacrifice oneself. It shows the consequences of needless self-sacrifice in great detail; for example, Mr. Lapham is often unavailable to his family because he spends so much time praying and doing church business. Johnny learns by the end of the story that sacrificing one's own interests——or even one's life——for one's country is a very noble goal.

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