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Despite its success, Goldberg decided to call it quits after seven seasons. Family Ties 's series finale aired 30 years ago, on May 14, , with Alex moving to New York City to take a job—though not before giving his family a heartfelt goodbye. Goldberg saw Michael J.

Brian Bonsall, "Family Ties" Star, Arrested in Colorado

But casting director Judith Weiner kept hounding Goldberg to cast him, and finally Goldberg agreed to see Fox again. He just played who he was, he played another side. He was Mike. And then the fun was watching him react to that and recover from that and hoist himself back up to that place where he thought he was. Fox said he saw a lot of himself in Alex, and that the role taught him quite a bit about acting. During an interview with Emmy TV Legends, Fox said he also based the character on his smart-ass brother, who had great timing. So later, all that became a part of Alex.

Finally, some good news on bipartisanship: Republicans and Democrats both loved Alex. It was one of the shows where it just caught a time.

It just found its niche. So it was unifying in that sense. The primal dig, the date from hell. It was a lot of fun, but literally there were times where I only had to utter two guttural utterances in a show and they paid me a bundle of cash for it.

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I felt bad at times. Nick Moore, Valentine's Stallone-esque character, was only supposed to appear in a single episode of Family Ties but became a series regular. He was such a popular character that the network decided to give him his own show.


Family Ties

Three pilots were made, and all three failed. The first was a show called Taking It Home , where Nick last name Morelli moves home to Detroit and lives with his grandfather, played by Herschel Bernardi. Bernardi died after filming, in , so the project was canceled. The second show centered around Nick and a daycare center for juvenile delinquents. The show featured a pre- Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus who made a guest appearance as a lawyer on Family Ties , and did well when it aired in And we should put Nick to rest right now.

Love, me.

Family Ties Theme Song

He kept that on his desk until the day he died. I ended up getting about three hours sleep a night for the next three or four months, because they had to get the movie out that summer.

'Hocus Pocus' Cast: Where Are They Now?

At the start of season 4, the producers cast Tracy Pollan as Ellen Reed, a grounded love interest for Alex. I think I thought he was kind of full of himself. Talented, beautiful, just starting out with her first job, new apartment and boyfriend, she had the world in the palm of her hand—until a single phone call altered the course of her life forever. Now, at forty-two, as independent as ever, with a satisfying career and a family that means everything to her, Annie is comfortable being single and staying that way.

She appears to have no time for anything else.

TV Network Pitch: Bring Back Family Ties - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The eldest, twenty-eight-year-old Liz, an overworked, struggling editor in a high-powered job at Vogue, has never allowed any man to come close enough to hurt her. He is also an avid trains and railroad enthusiast. How Steven Keaton of him! Michael J.

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It was during the end of season four in that Fox announced he had Parkinson's disease and left the show due to his worsening symptoms. Justine Bateman: Becoming a TV icon through your first acting gig is a pretty sweet deal. And that's what happened when Justine Bateman snagged the role as air-headed Mallory Keaton.

During and post- Family Ties , Bateman appeared in several TV films but in jumped onto the big screen as Jennie Lee, the lead singer of an all-girl band alongside Julia Roberts in Satisfaction.

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Apparently, she had some singing chops since her vocals were used on the soundtrack. In she made a cameo on Arrested Development and played opposite her real-life younger brother Jason Bateman and has also appeared in Desperate Housewives , Californication , and Psych , among other shows. Finding alternative ways to express herself, Bateman has launched a fashion line and has immersed herself in a variety of digital media projects.

Tina Yothers: With sunshine blonde hair and a Cabbage Patch doll face, Tina Yothers will forever be known as the sassiest Keaton member who was never afraid to speak her mind.

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  • Her father is a television producer and all of her siblings are actors as well. Yothers currently lives in Ontario, California with her husband and their three kids. After the show ended, Bonsall moved on to other favorable projects including Blank Check and Star Trek: The Next Generation , but after a few more acting gigs, he retired from the industry in His focus shifted to high school in Colorado, where he eventually became immersed into the punk music scene.

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    • Brian Bonsall, "Family Ties" Star, Arrested in Colorado.
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