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When asked about second-hand accounts that Richardson told players they could speak out and he would support them, but also warned of public backlash, Newton shrugged off concerns about potential criticism.

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It was just him being more concerned about our well-being. By no means do we want to offend anybody.

Nobody who has protested meant for it to be disrespectful to the United States flag. But, Newton said, people who live where he grew up in Atlanta continue to suffer from racial profiling by police and other indignities. Race, protests and politics have become hot-button issues in all of the major professional sports leagues, mirroring the culture wars raging between supporters and opponents of Trump. Charlotte Hornets players faced similar questions this week as NBA training camp opened. And NASCAR , which has business offices in the region as well as the headquarters of most race teams, has also come under scrutiny.

Last weekend, team owners Richard Petty and Richard Childress threatened to fire any crew members or drivers who protested during the anthem. Dale Earnhardt Jr. And I also believe that we all have freedom of speech and I do support peaceful protests. At the same time, Johnson cited a history of several family members who joined the military, and one who died while serving, as the basis for continuing to stand during the national anthem.

Johnson and Wallace were at the speedway as part of an event highlighting breast cancer detection and treatment. And we'll learn what happens when Linda, who grows increasingly impatient with the pace of the investigation, takes matters into her own hands. It also contains descriptions about sexual violence.

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Please be advised. According to CMPD, this figure has decreased since then. Close your eyes for a minute. Go on. No cars in either direction. The scenery can be any kind you like, but the more desolate, the better. And if that sexual assault occurred in Mecklenburg County, survivors can expect to wait a long time for answers. And Linda knows firsthand this long journey can come to a crashing halt even when you are meticulously placing one foot in front of the other.

My name is Sarah Delia.


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She was sexually assaulted almost three years ago. But only Linda can guide us through the path a sexual assault survivor must learn to walk in order to find some justice and hopefully … heal. And even after a year of following her story, I still have questions: Why does it take so long to get answers and what can be done to improve this system victims must learn to maneuver?

This tape is from one of our first conversations while I was at her home. We sit on a couch in her living room. At various points, one of her kids whispers softly asking if they could go to the pool with friends. A cardboard life-size cutout of the musician Bruno Mars stands by the fireplace. So I told you this path was a long one. And it begins on June 28, No matter the time of day, what they were wearing, or the choices they made.

OK, so on with our story. That night, she had been drinking quite a bit of wine with a neighbor. She came home, and at some point, her and her husband get into some kind of disagreement, and she needed some air.

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And it was late. And I made the decision so quickly that I literally had flip-flops, uh a pair of running shorts and a T-shirt and a ball hat on. Didn't take my purse, my phone, nothing. And I knew which ways were the safer places to walk especially late at night by yourself versus the not so safe. And I walked toward the not-so-safe places. He said, you know, you really should not be walking here right now. What can I do to help you out?

Linda asked for some water so they walked to a 7-Eleven. She says she sat on a curb waiting for him. Although she had it mostly under control, that night was different. She was reeling from some personal issues, and as she describes, she was not in the right state of mind to make good decisions.

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  6. LINDA : I told the guy that I just really didn't want to feel at the moment and did he know anyone that would have any type of drugs. I just didn't want to feel. So we walked, and he took me to the person that ended up assaulting me. He introduced me to that person, and that was the person that said he could get the drugs. Linda thinks he was leaning against a brick wall.

    But at some point, Mr. X stops the car and the guy Linda first met and brought her water, hops out. LINDA : And it was almost like the guy kind of just looked at me as he got out of the car like…it just that… this feeling. X stops at a gas station. She says he walks inside to get the drugs. Linda is left alone in the car. So she stayed in the car. He pulled the car into an area that was pretty secluded. She remembers seeing an old radio tower. And she remembers the quiet. And I was just very uncomfortable at this point … very uncomfortable. And it became increasingly clear she was in danger.

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    This is no. And it was just one of those folded, like the box cutters that fold in half and you could flip it open. He more was hurting me. All I could think about was OK my family, and I thought if, if this man you know does this to me She did manage at one put to find the door handle. He hit me on the side of the face, if I got louder, like, whether I was praying out loud or saying no or please or just trying to, like negotiate with him in a certain way if I got loud, he would cover my mouth and then close my nose up to where I couldn't breathe.

    At one point, things went black.

    She Says: The Winding Road

    I want to say he was still hitting or choking me. I just vividly remember him just undoing, you know what he hadn't already undone, and he held the box cutter up, pulled his penis out and … He threatened me with the box cutter, basically. You're going to do this or this box cutter is going to injure you or end your life.